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Update v1.1:

- Added hats

- Added more customer variety

- Removed portal to bunny realm

- Added some scenery assets

You will get food. You will deliver said food. You will receive gold for delivering the food. You will return to the kitchen to get new food.


PS: Performance intensive.



Wilco Boode - wilcoboode.com


Ravi Janssen - ravijanssen.com

Midas de Laat - midasdelaat

Martijn van der Linden - martijnlindenvander.wordpress.com

Wouter Schmeetz - wouterschmeetz.nl


David Katsma - davidkatsma.weebly.com

Jacqueline Teley - jacqueline.teley.nl


Jasper de Laat - jasperdelaat.nl

Wout van Popel - woutvanpoppel.nl

Niels Wouters - nielswouters.com

Yan Knoop - yanknoop.com


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